Height: 5’6″

Favorite Position: Outside Blocker or Jammer

Significance of Name/Number: I’m a cellist; Yo-Yo Mauler is a play on the famous Yo-Yo Ma. 4 and 8 are lucky numbers for me; also 4884 results in a lucky 6 using Numerology. Can’t have too much luck, can you?

Likes: Music, cats, tea, Dungeness crab

Dislikes: IVs, cold toes

Hometown: Renton, WA

Occupation: Aspiring to be a Crazy Cat Lady

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Anything “girly” or Quilter’s Irish Death

Major Injuries: None (knock on wood)

Derby Birthday: June, 2012

BIO: Solid as a thumping bass line; when this bass gets dropped she gets right back up again. Delivering her sweet Pachelbel’s Canonball to anyone in the way, she won’t stop till she’s reached the finale.

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Callie works hard every practice and it shows. Her skills are excellent as both blocker and jammer, plus she tries really hard to teach and help all the new Beauties with skills and strategies. She will be missed by the Beauties, for sure!”

“Because she has worked her butt off and is now on The Posse!”

“she is always willing to do one more drill with the newbies and has the most awesome attitude.”

“always willing to help others!”

“Miss Mauler has a great attitude, is always helping the newer skaters, and she does a great job both blocking and jamming. That is probably why she just made The Posse!”

“As a new skater she has helped me a lot. Showing me new skills and different ways to do them to see what works best. During drills she is always giving me pointers which helps SO much.”

“Yo-Yo is an amazing teammate, always sharing her knowledge and treating everyone as equals no matter their time on the team or experience. Plus a rock n roll jammer!”

Awards: 2013 July Skater of the Month, 2013 Triple Threat Presidential Award, 2014 Best Attitude, 2016 November Skater of the Month