Photo by Scott Butner
Height: 5’ 3”
Favorite Position: Any position that makes your life difficult.
Significance of Name/Number: ‘Rose’ is my last name, ‘Wild’ is for my love of wildland fire, and 2012 is the first year I was a wildland firefighter.
Likes: Burpees, Dogs (especially my dog, Milo), Sunshine, and Hiking.
Dislikes: When data is not compared to a larger dataset (one slice of data does not tell the whole story, people), office with no windows, and I also dislike lazy and demanding people.
Hometown: Challis, Idaho
Occupation: Research Analyst
Favorite After-Party Beverage: Coors Light or Sprite
Your first day in roller derby: September 9, 2018
Bio: I’m from a small town in Idaho (graduating class of ~20 students). I eventually made my way over the mountains to another small town in Washington, where I received a Master’s degree in Experimental Psychology. Then I took a job at the local university, and found Roller Derby.