Height: 5’4”

Favorite Position: Blocker

Significance of Name/Number: Warpaint-one of my favorite bands and well I can paint my face….Wendi- nickname from last name Wendler

Likes: hound dogs, sports, ppl who skate with no fear

Dislikes: laziness

Hometown: Aberdeen Scotland/Dallas Texas (half and half)

Occupation: Barista

Favorite After-Party Beverage: anything to numb the pain

Major Injuries: bum knee

Derby Birthday: February 2011

Awards: 2011 Best Jammer, 2012 Best “Ass”et, 2012 The Gazelle Presidental Award, 2013 Most Competitive, 2013 Speed Demon, 2013 Posse Best Jammer, 2013 Juke-box Hero Presidential Award, 2014 Fan Girl