5’ 9”

Favorite Position:

Significance of Name/Number: 
I was named Wrecking Ball by my original team of which I am still an alumni member. At first I didn’t like it, thinking it was derogatory so I named myself Red Hot & Rollin’ but I was told I hit like a wrecking ball and I finally realized it was a good thing and it stuck. Miley Cyrus must have gotten wind of it because a year later she wrote a song about me. 😃

 Dancing, singing, being competitive, laughing, drinking beer (it makes me laugh) and did I say dancing yet?

Losing, drama, gossip, speeding tickets

Portland, Oregon

I have a dam job at Wanapum for Grant County PUD

Fav Afterparty Beverage:
A hoppy IPA makes me happy

Major Injuries:
 Both shoulders – two different years. I’ve had surgery on both. The second one was very extensive. I’m kind of bionic now. I’ve learned to use my hips more. If you are a competitor and you think you’re going to have the advantage by hitting me in the shoulder – you should stop thinking…. 😘

My first day in roller derby:
Well when I was 5 after watching televised roller derby in the mid 60’s I said “When I grow up I’m going to be a roller derby queen.” That Christmas I got my first pair of Roller Derby Street King Shoe Skates so I guess that was my first day, although I was already past 50 when I laced up to play the first time.
My favorite thoughts: Life is too short to be unhappy. The only things I regret, and the only things I’ll ever regret are things I didn’t do.