In 2011, Rodeo City Rollergirls started out with two equally matched home teams, Derby Rotten Rebellion & Moonshine Mafia. We then had an all star travel team, made up of skaters from our two home teams, called The Posse. As we moved into our second season we shifted to an A & B team set up. The Posse was our A Team and The Beauties were our B Team.

In November 2014, heading into our 5th season, Rodeo City Rollergirls are now one team! With us all the while, we have an amazing bunch of volunteers AKA the “Rodeo City Regulators” and the “Non-Skaters of Death”! We are all volunteers really and that is what makes being part of RCR so great.

We are always looking for new skaters and volunteers to join us!
Check out this page -> Join Us! to get in on the fun!

photo by Bryan Clark