Height: 5’4″

Favorite Position: Blocker

Significance of Name/Number: I wouldn’t mind my alter ego being called Sage, in fact, I think my alter ego would be offended if it wasn’t called Sage. Also, Switchblade seemed to add a nice ring to it… and to hint that I can surprise fellow derby girls when I’m in the game.

Likes: the cullinary arts, music, roller derby, tenor saxophones, zombie stories, The It Crowd, coffee, black tea

Dislikes: being pinched, allergies, The Vampire Diaries, roast beef, most fast food, pixie sticks

Hometown: Rodeo City

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Iced coffee

Major Injuries: None to speak for, yet.

Derby Birthday: January 2012

Awards: 2012 Silent but Deadly Presidental Award