photo by Bryan Clark

Height: 5’6″

Favorite Position: on the track

Significance of Name/Number: My last name is Rice and rice krispy has been a nickname of mine. The number 21 because that was how old I was during my first season of playing. This way I can always keep track of how many seasons I’ve been playing 🙂

Likes: Music, roller rinks, avocados, snow, Seattle, reese’s, snow skiing, warm fuzzy socks, potatoes and dogs.

Dislikes: Black licorice and the screeching chalkboard sound.

Hometown: Edmonds, wa

Occupation: student

Favorite After-Party Beverage: an Irish Death.

Major Injuries: Damaged the muscle tissue in my knee during my first ever bout at WWS 2012 in the challenge bout hall. All good now…always update your knee pads!

Derby Birthday: Mid-February 2011 started as a zebra

Awards: 2012 Best Team Spirit, 2012 Unsung Hero Presidental Award, 2013 Football Presidential Award