Height: Almost 5’3

Significance of Name/Number: I used to steal my brother’s X-men action figures when we were kids, and my nickname from my coworkers is Tiger. Then I added an extra little spin on it because it’s my goal to slay every time I’m on the track. As for the number, it’s the age I moved to Ellensburg, plus it sort plays on the imagery of the sabre tooth’s most prominent feature.

Likes: My dogs, scrapbooking, photography, musicals, randomly quoting movies and tv shows in my daily dialogue, live theatre, sarcasm, sleep, being warm and skating!

Dislikes: Winter, ice, snow, wind…. really anything cold that you can’t eat.

Hometown: Ellensburg,WA

Occupation: Stage Manager / Security Tech

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Any kind of Canadian Whiskey

Derby Birthday: August 22, 2016

BIO: Canadian born, American raised. I spent a lot of my childhood in Alabama. My family moved here in 2001. When I graduated high school I stayed and attended university here. Then I didn’t want to leave so I put down my roots in this beautiful town and I don’t intend to leave anytime soon.

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“She is always jumping into everything 100% and helping out wherever she can. She is fearless when learning new skills and actively pushes herself in practice.”

“She put her all into derby since she started. Its awesome!”

“Kayla brings enthusiasm and energy to the team. She has derby-itis and tells everyone she knows about derby. Her passion is obvious and infectious. Our fresh meat program is booming in part due to her recruitment skills.”

Awards: 2017 January Skater of the Month