Height: 5’9″

Favorite Position: Blocker

Significance of Name/Number: My numbers were chosen using numerology based on both my names.

Likes: Brightly colored jammers and Pivots who talk alot. DARK chocolate.

Dislikes: Bad attitudes and steamed artichokes

Hometown: Montrose, Colorado

Occupation: In the mundane world I am a modest deli clerk at a local super market.

Favorite After-Party Beverage: double triple malt scotch, neat

Major Injuries: Partly torn MCL, Broken finger (If those qualify as major)

Derby Birthday: December 2010

Sandra’s seen a leprechaun,
Eddie touched a troll,
Lauire danced with witches once,
Charlie founds some goblins’ gold.
Donald heard a mermaid sing,
Susy spied an elf,
But all the magic I have known
I’ve had to make myself.
~ Shel Silverstein

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Shirley is insanely dedicated to the success of our league and provides us with the BEST care on bout days!!!”

“Shirley is always making sure her derby sisters are taken care of before herself! From picking people for practices to making sure that our volunteers are taken care of! Shirley always has a positive attitude

“AWESOME Jammer”

“Shirley never has a negative thing to say. She is always pushing herself and others to grow beyond what they thought they were capable. It is inspiring to see her dedication to this sport”

Awards: 2011 Moonshine Mafia Most Improved, 2012 May Skater of the month, 2012 League Volunteer, 2012 Move Bitch, Get Out The Way Presidental Award, 2013 Most Feared, 2013 Hurts so Good Presidential Award