Height: Tall enough to knock a B*^ch out

Favorite Position: On my skates.

Significance of Name/Number: Play on words and I have a dirty mind, so it’s funny. Plus, the best part is, it was chosen for me by a derby sister (thanks Runaround Sue) and my team agreed it was fitting. How can you beat that?

Likes: FAMILY…and then..Sarcasm, cobb salads, road trips, french toast, white sandy beaches with warm water, white wine, lightning storms, brownies, rain, a good burger, saying the “F” word, s’mores, big dogs, bacon, hitting people (derby style),…did I mention any food? and of course hugs, and then more food:)

Dislikes: Stupid obnoxious people (you know who you are), being wrong, lay overs, being lost, loud talkers, the silent treatment, bad food, and last but not least grocery stores…

Hometown: Ellensburg

Occupation: Full time manager of myself.

Favorite After-Party Beverage: A cold beer, followed by a lot of water. I have to drive home you know!

Major Injuries: ZERO…thank goodness

Derby Birthday: January 15, 2012

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Always happy sweet and up beat! Crazy dedicated to the next gen of Rollergirls”

“Sedusa is an amazing person! She’s a caring derby sister and a dedicated skater! Her work with the fresh meat is amazing! She is always willing to do what is needed!”

“Sedusa is one of the most positive ladies I have ever met on and off the track. She always works hard at every practice and then also gives her time to help with Fresh Meat. Rodeo City is really lucky to have an amazing woman like her on our league.”

“Sedusa is a mama bear who I would never want to cross. Her commitment with our freshmeat program is amazing.”

“She is just an awesome person and great leader!”

“Jen has done a super job of getting new ladies interested and up and rolling! Her good spirit is so contagious and wonderful.”

“She is always so positive and is rocking getting new FM!”

“Seriously dedicated to recruiting new Fresh Meat and making the league stronger!”

Awards: 2013 May Skater of the Month, 2013 Team Spirit, 2013 Beauties Best Attitude, 2013 Breast Blocker Presidential Award, 2014 April Skater of the Month