Height: 5’5″

Favorite Position: i like them all!

Significance of Name/Number: Ode to a great song and a great day

Likes: sunshine. the outdoors. lightning storms. quality time with quality people

Dislikes: negativity. the phrase “I can’t”. cats.

Hometown: Cotton, MN [a geographical oddity: 2 weeks from everywhere! ok, really it’s 30 minutes, but still – weird, right?]

Occupation: TBD

Favorite After-Party Beverage: love me some Iron Horse Quilter’s Irish Death. Can’t go wrong with Ellensburg’s own brew

Major Injuries: None yet to speak of (knock on wood, pinkie swear, all that good stuff)

Derby Birthday: October 24, 2011

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Her mind is telling her no…….but her body.. her body is telling her yes!! (Or is it the other way around?) Jonna has taken a big risk coming back to skating even though she has suffered some injuries. I love seeing her and hearing her on the track. She is a positive skating role model and a great teammate.”

“Love working with Runaround Sue on the track – so glad she is back!!!”

“Sue has been amazing for our league on & off the track, we have really missed her while she was injured. So glad she is back, she does it all jams and blocks like a freakin rock star! I am sad she is going to have to leave us end of this season.”

Awards: 2012 Rookie of the Year, 2012 Beauties Best Jammer, 2012 Tasmanian Devil Presidental Award, 2013 Most Versatile, 2013 Posse Best Blocker, 2013 The Matrix Presidential Award, 2014 September Skater of the Month, 2014 Sir Lancelot Presidential Award