Height: 5’1″

Favorite position: Pivot

Significance of Name/Number: Name- Bumblebee is my favorite Transformer and B Marie is what my hubby calls me. It was a match made in heaven. Number- 1975 was a good year.

Likes: Vex IQ Robotics, seeing students have “Aha!” moments, PR’s, kindness and swallowing a jammer back into the pack.

Dislikes: People who use their position of power for selfish reasons. Mean people suck.

Hometown: grew up in San Jose, CA – currently hailing from Wenatchee Occupation: Special Education Para Educator and Foothills Middle School Robotics Coach

Favorite After-Party Beverage: A Nuun hydration tablet in my water bottle followed by a Black Butte Porter, Obsidian Stout or Irish Death. (Unless Mocha Death is in season-then always Mocha Death)

Major Injuries: neck sprain, ankle sprain, concussion, grade 2 separated AC joint.

Derby birthday: August 31, 2011