Height: 5 somethin

Favorite Position: anywhere but the bench, or the bench for a nap

Significance of Name/Number: In honor of my Grandmother… one tough woman!

Likes: almost everything

Dislikes: mean people

Hometown: Seattle and Ellensburg

Occupation: Professor

Favorite After-Party Beverage: tomato juice and beer

Major Injuries: a few minor ones (I guess 4 minors = 1 major) – two left feet, disposable thumbs, no tail.

Derby Birthday: July 2011

BIO: Raised by wolves, adopted by primates, ended up on skates; seems to be a pretty natural progression

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“She’s always on top of her game whether it’s making sure she is at every practice possible or constantly working on improving her skills.”

“Her footwork is magical. She is like a ballerina on skates! She has an amazing attitude and inspires others by consistently trying to improve”

“For her willingness to learn and put it all out there on the track!”

“She has really stepped up this season and is working so hard to fill some pretty big shoes on the A team this season and is going to become a shinning star out there.”

“Rory has really stepped up into more leadership positions and has been doing a great job of sharing her experience with everyone to improve our skills as a team.”

“Miss SchachTest really gives the league her all: coaching the juniors, volunteering her time for events, spreading the word about RCR and being an all around amazing teammate. Couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do this AWESOMENESS without her!”

Awards: 2012 Shark Attack Presidential Award, 2013 April Skater of the Month, 2013 Fourth and Long Presidential Award, 2014 Fancy Feet Presidential Award, 2015 November Skater of the Month