The Rodeo City Rollergirls headed to Seattle, WA last Saturday to have some fun with the Rainier Roller Girls! The Posse played these ladies last season and wanted to do it again this season. It was an exciting bout to watch, I screamed till I thought I’d pass out! One of our original skaters, Golden Mean Libertine, is now skating with Rainier and it was awesome to see her on the track. The Posse ladies gave it their all! It was a great match up and until the end, it was anyone’s game! The final score was Rainier 177 to RCR 146. Rainier voted Warpaint Wendi as The Posse’s MVP! Thank you to our Rodeo City Regulators and Non-Skaters of Death who made the trip to help make all the magic happen. -Mad Mina

RCR photographer Bryan Clark snapped a few photos!

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Rodeo City’s Posse VS Rainier Roller Girls – May 4th