We kicked off the evening with a black and white scrimmage featuring the Rodeo City and Rolling Hills Junior Derby skaters. Those young people get better every time they play, it was so fun to watch! Next up, the Rodeo City Rollergirls took on the Rolling Hills Derby Dames from Pullman, WA. It was a really fun bout. We had a great time crashing into those ladies and chatting with them afterwards. We had an amazing crowd and volunteer staff on hand! We really appreciate YOU, thank you so much for being there!

The final score was Rodeo City 206 to Rolling Hills 85. Rolling Hills voted Demolition Dovie as our MVP! She is one of our veteran skaters and always fights so hard each bout.

Our next home bout will be on June 7th, we hope you can join us for another fun evening! Get Tickets, here!

Thanks to our dedicated RCR photographer Bryan Clark who was there to capture some of the action! Check it out on our photos page.

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Rodeo City Rollergirls VS Rolling Hills Derby Dames – May 17th