The Rodeo City Rollergirls took a 205-192 win on Saturday in Bremerton against Northwest Derby Company.

“Both teams fought hard and were aggressive,” said skater Nicole Klauss. “It was a close game the entire time.”

At halftime the score was 114 to 109 with Rodeo down five points. The team rallied in the second half and took a small lead that they maintained throughout the remainder of the bout.

Rodeo City’s Hula C Nation, Shelby Taylor-Olson, took the MVP Blocker award, and YoYo Mauler, Callie Guntheroth took the MVP Jammer award.

The Rodeo City Rollergirls play next at 4 p.m. April 27 at Ellensburg High School against Jet City Roller Derby. Doors open at 3:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 online or $10 at the door. Learn more about

Photo by Slamuel Morse
Rodeo City Rollergirls beat NDC 205-192