Height: Shorter than most but taller than some

Favorite Position: In front of you!

Significance of Name/Number: My best friend from college nicknamed me that after the movie Talladega Nights came out!

Likes: hard hits, guns, hiking, making people feel awkward .. ooohh and watermelon

Dislikes: penalty box, slow derby, underestimating my team, fake people, vegetables!

Hometown: Ellensburg, WA

Occupation: Commercial Print Coordinator/IT

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Ice cold water

Major Injuries: the usual, bruises, rink rash, hematomas, torn ligaments, broken tailbone, 9month pregnancy injury

Derby Birthday: June 2010

Awards: 2011 Founders Award, 2012 Penalty Queen, 2012 President of the Universe, 2013 Penalty Queen, 2013 Posse Fan Favorite