Height: 5’10”

Favorite Position: Middle of the wall

Significance of Name/Number: The date of the Seattle WTO protests in 1999 and my first date with my husband.

Dislikes: Screaming children, packs of roving feral teenagers, when said teenagers (or possible college students)

smash in my mailbox on Halloween, language errors (like when people purposefully mispronounce a word or use

language in a grammacitally inappropriate manner)

Hometown: Pittsburgh

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Water, no ice

Major Injuries: Whiplash

Derby Birthday: November 2010

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Her off-skates workouts are intense and all the work she puts into getting us into shape in the preseason is amazing!”

“Lisa has been heading up all of our off skates workouts and this was a huge undertaking for January especially. She did such an awesome job pushing everyone. I vote for Lisa. She is skater of the month for January!”

“No one works harder than Reaper to make sure she raises the bar for herself and our league! She researches and studies derby non stop and does everything in her power to bring that training and knowledge and skill to RCR. She is the reason we grow in leaps and bounds beyond our young age.”

“She shows a level of commitment to roller derby that is inspiring.”

“She work so hard on and off the track. She is constantly pushing us to make us become the best skater that we can be. She always puts the needs of our league before her own.”

Awards: 2011 MVP, 2012 Strategy Queen, 2012 Posse Coaches Award, 2012 The God Damn Captain Presidental Award, 2013 January Skater of the Month, 2013 Head Trauma, 2013 Posse Best Alter Ego, 2013 Swiss Army Knife Presidential Award