The Rodeo City Rollergirls took a 205-92 win over the Palouse River Rampage on Saturday, March 23rd at the Gladish Community and Cultural Center in Pullman.

The Rodeo City Rollergirls debuted new skater April Rohrbach who recently graduated the fresh meat program. She primarily played the blocker position, but also was successful when she jammed.

“It was scary but super fun,” Rohrbach said. “For me I felt like I was able to find a buddy and stick with them pretty well. Jamming was fun.”

Rodeo’s MVP Jammer was What The Hellvetica and MVP Blocker was Master Bouter.

The Rodeo City Rollergirls are 7-1 in season 9. The team plays next on April 13 in Kitsap County as they take on Northwest Derby Company. For more information about joining us email

RCR wins 205-92 on the road