Favorite Position: Blocker

Significance of Name/Number: Ram a Lot is a shout out to her favorite band, Kamelot. She’s a bit crazy about them. 43VR is ‘Forever’, the first song of theirs she ever heard.

Likes: Animals, jokes, girls, mini skirts.

Dislikes: Tights riding down, socks with stringiness on the inside, coconut, catty/cliquey attitudes.

Hometown: Moscow, Idaho

Occupation: MET Student

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Something that is totally not beer. What are you talking about. This is a bottle of frothy non-alcoholic water. Yeah.

Major Injuries: None. Yet.

Derby Birthday: Let’s say April 1st, 2012

BIO: Ram hails from the Rolling Hills Derby Dames, where both her sisters, Grease Kelly and S*M*A*S*H play. She belongs to them while she’s home for the summer, but belongs to RCR while she’s here for school. She has a habit of dressing up in adorable miniskirts even for everyday practices.