Height: 6′ on skates

Favorite Position: As a skater I loved being the Pivot, love to yell on the track. Now I am a coach so I get to continue to yell on the sidelines.

Significance of Name/Number: I’m a Professor and I like to cause pain to all my opponents, I also like to run intense practices for my ladies and they are usually in pain from working so hard the next day. My number is in memory of my dad, I know he would have thought derby was awesome, his birthday was 1/14.

Likes: Derby socks, leg warmers, good sportswomenship, positive attitudes, glitter glitter and more glitter!

Dislikes: Negative ninnies, sore losers, rude and inconsiderate people, dirty players, injuries (hate them!)

Hometown: Auburn Washington, Ellensburg transplant

Occupation: Professor of Apparel, Textiles and Merchandising at Central Washington University

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Shirley Temple with lots of cherries or a Gummy Bear

Major Injuries: Bruised tailbone, volleyball sized leg bruise (currently hold the largest and darkest bruise record for RCR), sprained knee & pulled groin (did the sideways splits doing a plow stop and had sprained knee on the left, pulled groin on the right), sprained finger, split lip (elbow to the face), broken ankle (with a plate, screws and pins, oh my!), 50% foot dislocation, and torn ligament. Did 7 months of physical therapy and I am back on skates!

Derby Birthday: November 2010

BIO: Where has derby been all my life, wish I would have found it in my twenties! I started back in November of 2010 and went to a Rat City Rollergirls Bootcamp. The first day of the bootcamp I wore my skates from the 6th grade, my husbands dirt bike knee pads, a bike helmet and roller blade elbow pads and wrist guards. At one point one of the instructors said “those are the sh*#@est skates I have ever seen” I replied “they are my skates from the 6th grade, 23 years old”, “Those are the most awesome skates I have ever seen” she replied, her reaction was priceless and really made me realized that this was the place for me. I had lugged those white skates with the hot pink wheels and toe stops around for so long, each time we would move my husband would ask “do we really have to keep these” and each time I was shocked and said “Heck ya!” I must have known they would have a use someday… and derby it was. Showing up for the first day of Rodeo City Rollergirls orientation was great and I knew it was for me…I instantly got the derbs and have been here ever since!

Since my injury I am now a coach and love helping develop our fabulous girls and help push them to another level. I am currently doing research with a co-worker on women’s involvement in roller derby and how it affects their body image and plan to publish it in many arenas.

My husband, SinForcer got involved and is now the head referee for The Regulators. It has truly become a family sport. The friends I have made and the skills I have learned are priceless. Derby changed my life and I am so happy to have found it!

Awards: 2011 Biggest Crash, 2014 Volunteer of the Year

2011 Derby Rotten Rebellion Co-Captain
Merchandise Manager