Height: 5’6 1/2″

Favorite Position: On Skates

Significance of Number: Part of my last name and I like to cause a little chaos on the track

Likes: Going fast

Dislikes: Getting stuck in the pack

Hometown: Swartz Creek MI

Occupation: Chiropractic Aide

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Ice Cold Brewski

Major Injuries: No injuries to keep me down

Derby Birthday: Dec 2010

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“She deserves this for Taking one for the team and jumping right in. Never saying no and getting right back into derby as if she never left.”

“Mayhem is one of RCR’s original skaters. She took a couple of years off, and came back to us. She has really jumped in with both skates! Back to Jamming and doing anything her coaches and team ask of her!”

“Love it when vets return! Miss Mayhem is so fun to play with and a great athlete too!”

Awards: 2014 March Skater of the month, 2014 Timex Presidential Award