photo by Bryan Clark

Height: 5’9

Favorite Position: Block-her

Significance of Name/Number: I couldn’t have picked a name that better suited my personality if I tried. Plus my Grandmas name WAS Mimi, so it has a special meaning as well.

Likes: Cats, Sleeping, and the 1950’s

Dislikes: Not playing Roller Derby, Scary movies, and Jersey Shore

Hometown: Zillah, WA

Occupation: Student

Favorite After-Party Beverage: KEYSTONE BABY! After the party, before the party, who needs a party!! I keep KEYSTONE in business!

Major Injuries: Torn Quad Muscle – June 2011, Seperated Collar Bone in Two Places – August 2012

Derby Birthday: November 2010

Awards: 2011 Best Blocker, 2012 Life of the After Party, 2012 Megaphone Presidental Award, 2013 Law and Order Presidential Award