Height: Tall enough to skate.

Favorite Position: Being sturdy, and anytime I’m not flying into the crowd. Unless of course it’s post bout crowdsurfing.

Significance of Name/Number: Say it out loud. “Master Bouter” originated over $2 shots at Starlight with my two best friends in Ellensburg. AND I am determined to master the sport.

Likes: La Croix, Farmlandia, coffee, Harry Potter, roller skating and my 2 dogs

Dislikes: Mean people, shopping when it’s crowded, and screaming kids.

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona. Moved to Ellensburg from Alaska.

Occupation: Former reporter who turned to the alcohol industry for comfort.

Favorite After-Party Beverage: A beer and lots of water.

Major Injuries: What haven’t I injured?


Derby Birthday: April 2014

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“She jumps right in and gives 100%. She has come so far and will be an amazing skater!”

“For throwing herself in there and giving it her all. Has come a long way!”

“Nicole works hard on the track and has pushed herself through both tailbone and ankle injuries.”

“She works so hard and always has a good attitude no matter what we are doing!”

“She works so hard and does an amazing job out there on the track. I’m always impressed with her abilities as a skater.”

“Her jamming has been on point and she has been pushing herself so hard to the next level.”

“Nicole is such fun to skate with and her dedication and love for the sport is evident on and off the track. She is always pushing me to be the best player I can be and I see her giving individual attention to our new folks at every practice. Love her passion!”

“I’ve really looked up to Nicole since I joined the team. She puts 100% into every drill, practice, and game. I am in awe at her dedication to become a Master Bouter!”
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Awards: 2014 August Skater of the Month, 2014 Beauties Most Improved, 2014 Most Creative Derby Name, 2017 April Skater of the Month