Height: 5′ 1 and a quarter!”

Favorite Position: On 8 wheels.

Significance of Name/Number: Doing some brain storming and linking of ideas for a derby name and Mad Mina just came to me out of the sky! Seriously, it had nothing to do with what I was thinking. I looked up the meaning of Mina and in German it means love. I definitely have Mad Love for Roller Derby! Also, I’m a little crazy so the madness fits me too. Then I instantly had an idea for derby war face paint and that was the clincher. The number 7 has always been my favorite

Likes: My sweet family, Rock Music, Hot Tea, Chocolate, Fall, magic, love, Sauce! and the derbies

Dislikes: The off-season

Hometown: Rodeo City

Occupation: Rodeo City Rollergirl

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Fuzzy Navel & Shots of whatever you’re having

Major Injuries: Nothing major yet, just the usual stuff.

Derby Birthday: Dec 28, 2010

BIO: Down from the void she fell, through white clouds and red sunset, swirled. Straight onto the flat track with 8 green wheels and tiny black boots of power! A mind touched and a heart full of love… love for derby. Mad Mina, sweet number 7, a Rollergirl from the darkness. Into the light of the Rodeo City Rollergirls, where she lives to skate and skates to live.

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“She’s always at practice with her big smile, encouraging everyone and has a good attitude. She is improving every day and encourages others to do the same.”

“Mina has an AH-MAZING attitude. I know she’s already won an award for it but having her out there on the track makes a big difference. She’s supportive and inspiring to her derby sisters and I love having her on our team!”

“She always gives 100% at practice, always stays positive and she puts herself out there to learn as much as possible. You can tell she truly loves this sport and everything that entails.”

“Mina always has a positive attitude, is encouraging to other skaters, and gives her all at practice”

Awards: 2011 Best Attitude, 2011 Moonshine Mafia Coaches Award, 2012 February Skater of the month, 2012 Best Alter Ego, 2012 Posse Best Attitude, 2012 Girl Scout Presidential Award, 2013 Dewey Decimal – Most organized Presidential Award, 2014 Posse Best Communicator, 2015 Always with us Presidential Award