Height: 5’6”

Favorite Position: Blocker on the inside line

Significance of Name/Number: Name – Mostly because of the red hair I had when I started skating, reminded me of Lucille Ball, and my dogs name is Lucy! #13 – been my number for sports for as long as I can remember, also the date I was married!

Likes: Spending time with my family, reading (unhealthy addiction to Fan Fiction), sleeping, baking, and of course SKATING!

Dislikes: Spiders, snakes, bugs in general; liars and two-faced people; not spending time with my family or not being able to skate!

Hometown: Longview, Washington

Occupation: Program Manager

Favorite After-Party Beverage: water! LOL, Ice cold beer, preferably Mac n Jacks!

Major Injuries: Don’t know if they are really major, but I pulled the muscles/ligaments in my shoulder. Also did something to my right foot which is still undiagnosed, but am clear to skate!

Derby Birthday: November 2010

BIO: Saw a posting on FaceBook for Rodeo City Rollergirls and decided to ‘like’ it. Somehow ended up going to Skateland with 5 people I didn’t know, well 4 and and one that I had met before! Great decision! I love derby and everything about it!

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“She is always so sweet to me and reassures me that I am doing well! :)”

“Jenn has come back after a long absence and is determined to skate hard and get back on the track before the next bout. Her drive and commitment is evident in all she does.”

“She always works so hard even through her injuries and is always so encouraging and helpful!”

“Lucy has been with us since the beginning and always puts the league’s best interest first. Recently taking on the role as our President to keep RCR going! Appreciate her so much!”

“Absolutely everything she does for the league”

“Lucy is such a great member of this team. She is always supportive as a skater to her teammates and as a coach.”

“Jen has truly been there for me through a lot during derby and I always look up to her! She is amazing and I love her to pieces.”

“She’s done an amazing job stepping up to coach, while also sticking out the season.”

Awards: 2011 Derby Rotten Rebellion Most Improved, 2012 The Terminator Presidental Award, 2013 Beauties MVP, 2013 I’m the God Damn Captain Presidential Award, 2014 October Skater of the Month, 2014 Beauties Best Blocker, 2014 Beauties Best Communicator, 2015 May Skater of the Month