Height: 5’8″

Significance of Name/Number: The Daytona 500! I enjoy the country lifestyle and especially laughing at the NASCAR announcers serious tone as they describe the cars as they make ‘another left-turn’ over and over again. The constant left turns made me think of derby.

Likes: Derby, the ocean, scenic views, shooting guns, hiking, and anything outdoorsy!!

Dislikes: Spiders, falling asleep with socks on, needles, loud music, and ANY Bugs!

Hometown: Brier, WA

Occupation: Student & Bank Teller

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Whatever’s closest! (besides beer)

Major Injuries: Surgery on both achilles tendons, and two ankle surgeries! (before derby)

Derby Birthday: April 2013

BIO: I am from Brier, WA. I moved to Ellensburg to attend CWU after retiring from a year of Division 1 softball. Luckily I came across derby! I am currently trying to graduate as soon as possible while learning as much as I can about derby… and my major of course! I am always eager to learn new skills:)

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“She’s enthusiastic and absolutely fun to be around. She works hard and strives to acheive better each time.”

“Kelsi pushes herself at every practice and is always trying to improve. She asks for help and advice from the coaches on how she can improve and takes their suggestions to the track. Her attitude at practice is always positive and she puts everything she has into practice!”

“She’s got fancy feet”

“She kicks butt as jammer especially being so new!”

“Kelsi is totally fearless! Great attitude, works hard, participates in league events. Love her!”

Awards: 2013 September Skater of the Month, 2013 Beauties Rookie of the Year, 2013 Pecker Presidential Award