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Height: 5’7″ and some change

Favorite Position: anything upright and on the track

Significance of Name/Number: I’ve been a Polynesian dancer going on 15+ years now.

Likes: Booty blocking, fancy feetwork, sunshine, puppies, dancing dancing dancing!

Dislikes: Sternum checks, they effing hurt!

Hometown: Ellensburg

Occupation: Secretary Senior at CWU

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Hefeweizen

Major Injuries: Ok…this list keeps getting longer. Various pulled muscles, but the biggies are: Torn right PCL in my first year. Partial meniscectomy left knee during second year. OMG I got through my third year without a major injury, hurry find me some wood to knock on!

Derby Birthday: June 2011

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“She is an all around great person with a passion for derby.”

“Hula works hard at every practice. She is a great blocker on the track but has recently stepped into the jammer position and excels in that as well. She is a force to be reckoned with in everything she does.”

“Shelby has gone above and beyond in helping new skaters get acclimated with not only proper techniques and the game itself, but with our gear and skates as well. Shelby has helped the fresh meat girls with wheels, loosening/tightening, toe-stops, bearings, methods for cleaning gear, and with general questions about the differences between different types of gear. She has also committed herself to helping Fresh Meat by coming to practice on Sunday after bouting on Saturday evening. Her commitment is an inspiration to me (a fresh meat girl) and i appreciate all the help she has given to me, and that I have witnessed her giving to other fresh meat skaters.”

“Hula is an amazing skater. Whenever I want to do something better I look over to see how she is doing it. She more importantly gives her all to our league, we are very lucky to have her.”

“Shelby has led some really great skills practices this season. She’s a great blocker, and she always pushes other skaters to be better. She is a great skater on and off the track, and is always willing to offer advice whetherit’s on technique, skills, gear or eating healthy.”

“Shelby is always at practices as much as she can be, and she pushes us all to challenge ourselves every time she runs the practice. I feel like I am a better skater because of Shelby’s teaching and pushing.”

“First of, the work she does as secretary is outstanding. Then there is the way she skates. She freely shares her knowledge and skills, which makes us all better skaters.”

“Hula is an intrical part of RCR. As a member of the board, training staff, and dedicated skater, she gives her all on and off the track. She is always working to push herself and her teammates and assure we are constantly evolving and growing.”

“She is constantly available for advice with gear, skills, or pretty much anything relating to derby. It’s super helpful, and I appreciate her dedication to the sport, but especially her dedication to this team. :)”

Awards: 2011 Most likely to be MVP next year, 2012 Beauties Best Pivot, 2012 Chocolate Salty Balls Presidental Award, 2013 Best “Ass”et, 2013 Posse MVP, 2013 Hips of Death Presidential Award, 2014 May Skater of the Month, 2014 Posse Best Blocker, 2015 April Skater of the Month, 2016 February Skater of the Month