Height: Tall Enough

Favorite Position: Anywhere where I’m effective!

Significance of Name/Number: It references the phoenix in Harry Potter. I love the image of throwing yourself all in, and yet the resilience to come back. And besides, it’s also just fun! Fawkes-e 40.

Likes: Summer Days, Snow, Skiing, Hiking, Jack Russles Puppies, the color Navy Blue

Dislikes: stressed out mean people

Occupation: IT System Specialist

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Raspberry, Vanilla Mojito

Major Injuries: none from derby yet *knock-on-wood*

Derby Birthday: April 8th, 2014

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Heidi’s skating has really taken off! she pushes herself in practice, doesn’t give up, and takes as many opportunities to bout as she can. Her dedication to the team really shows in her skating and her spirit!”

“She is always such a great sport and pushes through every drill! It’s a great inspiration! :)”

“She’s worked her butt off – always giving 100% and with a great attitude.”

“Fawkes is really all in when it comes to derby. She is new and has been signing up for every opportunity to bout. Plus asking questions and learning the game outside of practice. She is going to kick ass this season!”

“Fawkes-e has been working really hard for Rodeo City on and off the track and deserves this recognition for being awesome all the way around!”

“Fawkes gives her all at practice and lots of volunteer time for our league! So glad she is on our team!”
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Awards: 2014 “Out of the Ashes” Presidential Award, 2014 November Skater of the Month, 2016 January Skater of the Month