The Dockyard Derby Dames took a 198-89 win over the Rodeo City Rollergirls on Saturday, May 11th in Ellensburg.

Dockyard was ranked #244 in WFTDA rankings, while Rodeo was ranked #301. Rodeo Coach Professor Pain said she was proud of how the team played because it was a tough bout, but everyone kept fighting and tried different strategies.

RCR’s Yo-Yo Mauler and What The HellVetica were named MVPs by Dockyard.

RCR also said goodbye to skaters who will not be skating with us next season: Yo-Yo Mauler, What The HellVetica, The Huntress and Rumble Bee Marie. The team also said thank you to head coach Professor Pain, who will remain with the team in other capacities.

The Rodeo City Rollergirls will skate this Saturday, May 18th against the Whidbey Island Rollergirls in their final bout of Season 9.

Dockyard Takes Win, Rodeo Says Goodbye To Skaters