photo by Bryan Clark

Previously Demolition Dovie #33

Height: 5 ft nothing

Favorite Position: I will do any position – let’s just do it!

Significance of Name/Number: I like to just be a wrecking ball out there so the “Demolition” fit… Ankle Bite Her was just because of my lack of height and being that annoying little dog that keeps at you. The number is the age I started derby.

Likes: Roller Derby… and reading.

Dislikes: People – ok not all people but I prefer to not have to deal with people who have issues after I am done with work

Hometown: Kent/Auburn area of Washington

Occupation: Lawyer

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Strawberry Push Up from the Starlight.

Major Injuries: Sprained ankle after first bout

Derby Birthday: been here since the first informational meeting… skating since December 2010.

BIO: I came to Ellensburg back in 2004 and love it. Both of my children started school here and my husband attended CWU. I have been an attorney for the past 10 years and have been local for the past 8. Now with RCR I am complete – work, family, and fun. Roller Derby serves as my outlet for all – physical and metal therapy.

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Dovie is an unsung hero of our league. We rely on her for every game and she is getting better everyday.”

“She works hard and plays harder. She is always there for a sister on and off the track”

“Dovie is awesome and gets more awesome every day”

“She is a selfless skater. Always there to be used as a wrecking ball or to take the penalty for you. She gives everything she has to this sport with little to no recognition. She’ll take the hit for you and get up after smiling.”

“Demolition Dovie puts in so many volunteer hours for this league and lays the smack down on the track! RCR is lucky to have this lady on their side!”

“Because Dovie pushed for jr roller derby … Finally. Yay!!”

“Getting jr. Derby off the ground on top of all her other responsibilities. Kudos!”

“AWESOME bench coach!”

“As a vet, Dovie could be frustrated with the new team and acting like a Diva, but instead, she is truly in love with the new skaters and does everything she can to encourage their growth and love of the game. As Captain, she spends a lot of time thinking about what needs to be done to bring the team together and to satisfy the needs of vets and newer skaters alike.”

“Dovie is a great leader. As captain, she has been addressing some concerns, and working to develop practices around what we want to work on too. Despite having ankle issues at past bouts, she hung in there and kept skating for the team, using her seniority and experience to help others stay injury-free. Additionally, Dovie has been putting in many hours volunteering for the juniors, which is important to the long-term growth of our league. Thanks for being an awesome leader, Dovie.”

“Dovie is an excellent leader, she makes us work hard but keeps it fun, has a positive attitude at practices, and has done an amazing job with the Jrs.”

“Dovie is awesome, hardcore, scary AND kind. Plus she is the mama in a family of skaters. She calls it as she sees it and she doesn’t play mind games. Dovie for President of the United States of America!”

“She always works so hard for the league, whether is for the adult or junior league. She is at every practice and encourages every player. She is RCR.”

Awards: 2011 Most Unique Name, 2012 August Skater of the Month, 2012 Breast Blocker Presidental Award, 2013 October Skater of the Month, 2013 Most Dedicated, 2013 Pee Pants Presidential Award, 2014 Heart of Gold, 2015 March Skater of the Month, 2016 October Skater of the Month