Photo by Scott Butner

Height: Short

Favorite Position: Any position they put me in

Significance of Name/Number: My name and number is a reference to my Girl Scout troop that I’ve been involved with for 10 years.

Likes: I like long walks on the beach and…. jkjk. I love roller derby, art, music, and reading.

Dislikes: I don’t like pineapple on pizza, but only because I don’t like pineapple in general.

Hometown: Ellensburg

Occupation: I’m currently employed at the local Subway sandwich shop, but I’m hoping that I won’t have to work there my whole life.

Favorite After-Party Beverage: Holy water because I’m underage.

Your first day in roller derby: First roller derby practice was in July of 2015.

Bio: I joined roller derby as a junior skater when I was in the sixth grade. I loved watching the adult team practice, and hoped that I would someday join them on the adult team. Now I am 18 and Some of my past coaches are now my teammates, I’ve made many fabulous derby friends over the years, and I couldn’t be more excited to be on this team!