Height: 5’7″

Favorite Position: Jammer Helper

Significance of Name/Number: Ciallison is fun mix of my name (Allison) and the prescription Cialis. As a marketing major, Cialis was one of my favorite marketing campaigns. Plus, it’s just plain funny.

Likes: I enjoy long jams on the track. I love learning new techniques and really love learning strategy. Watching my Mommy cheer with all her might because I got sent to the box… My favorite off-track things include adventures (usually road trips and visiting new places), reading, and the gem of that nine month injury…. Phoenix!

Dislikes: Being off due to injury, being cold, and pushy “advice.”

Hometown: Grapeview, Washington

Occupation: Cashier

Major Injuries: Separated shoulder, whip lash, and a bruised rib.

Derby Birthday: November 2010

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Takes a hit, gets right back up! You’d never know she was returning from a 9 month injury! You rock Ciallison!”

“Came back from her 9 month injury and is right back into things. She bouted in our first bout. Blocked and Jammed! She was amazing.”

“Allison is always pushing herself to improve!”

“She jammed mere weeks after having a baby, that’s a WOMAN right there!”

“Ciallison pushes herself to the limit each and every practice. She is inspiring and an amazing teammate!”

Awards: 2012 Can You Hear Me Now? Presidential Award, 2013 Bun in the Oven Presidential Award, 2014 February Skater of the month, 2014 Bounce Back Presidential Award