Height: 10 feet tall and bulletproof

Favorite Position: In front of your Jammer

Significance of Name/Number: A catamaran is a double hulled ship of any shape and size that is beautiful and fun. 10 knots is how fast I skated at my fastest timed laps on the track.

Likes: Hard Hits, Cool Drinks, Quick Floors and Large Bodies of Water

Dislikes: Bubbles, Whiners, Drama and Heat

Hometown: Agua Vida aka Seattle

Occupation: Guest Service Representative

Favorite After-Party Beverage: AMF… if you don’t know what that stands for you should try one and find out 😉

Major Injuries: Butt Bruise hall of fame, fractured radius bone left wrist.

Derby Birthday: Jan 9, 11

BIO: Sailing in off the high seas Cat-a-ma-Ram was stranded in the doldrums of Ellensburg, until she found the

oasis of Roller Derby. She exchanged her sails for skates and took to the track like a fish to water. Cruising at

speed of 10 knots Cat-a-ma-Ram will sink your jammer faster than a cannonball with her trusty crew of Rodeo City


SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Cat-a-ma-Ram: For all of her hard work getting us ready to be A-Team worthy this last month (even if it’s really hard for us ;)”

“Cat helped so much in getting everything set up for A Team Tryouts and covering practices”

“She’s patient and helpful, even as she’s kicking our asses with challenging drills.”

“Catlin deserves to be skater of the month because…she is scary (in a good way, like the kind of way in which you want her on your team instead of the other team). Also, she is dedicated and models skater self-confidence and discipline for the rest of us low lifes. Additionally, she is pretty, which is important.”

“She has worked so hard on putting together tryouts and they went very smoothly!”

“Cat does absolutely EVERYTHING!! She’s a terror on the track and off. I want to be as good a skater as she is.”

“She pushes herself as hard as she pushes her teammates.”

“Cat is an amazing skater and leader. She worked really hard this month to train us and get us ready for Posse tryouts. I seriously want to duck tape her to something so she can’t leave us later this season. She is going to leave a huge hole when she does.”

Awards: 2012 Worst Injury, 2012 Best Derby Couple w/ Rosie Bulldozie, 2012 Mediator Presidental Award, 2013 February Skater of the Month.