The Rodeo City Rollergirls faced a challenging opponent on Saturday, March 7, losing 103-123 at home to Idaho’s Beet City Bombers. Rodeo’s record for the current season is 2 wins, 1 loss. 

On Saturday there were multiple lead changes throughout the bout, which provided an exciting game for RCR’s fans. The is the second time the teams have matched up. They last faced off May 13, 2017 when Rodeo took the win (211-91). 

“The final score being so low and close shows what a battle that was,” said RCR coach Pimp Newton. “I witnessed amazing gameplay from everyone, both in skill and strategy.”

Rodeo’s MVP Jammer was Leana Clockya and MVP Blocker was Master Bouter. 

Beet City Narrowly Defeats RCR