Height: Perceived – 5ft 5 Implied – 6ft 6

Favorite Position: Not in the penalty box

Significance of Name/Number: It is for my family “The Wreck Shuns” – Big E (husband)/ Tine E (Son) / Fuzz E (Weiner dog #1) /and Short E (Weiner dog #2)

Likes: Staying on my wheels after Kamikaze Kim hits me.

Dislikes: The government telling me what to do with my uterus.

Hometown: Ellensburg… Of course

Occupation: VP of Education and Training

Favorite After-Party Beverage: After the party… water is necessary.

Major Injuries: Just to my ego.

Derby Birthday: January 2010

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Anna Wreck Shun goes all out all the time. She doesn’t care how many times she falls down she is going
to get back up and keep on pushing. She never argues or gets angry at refs or coaches and will do pretty much anything you ask her to if she thinks it’ll help the team”

“She always gives 100%”

“Anna Wreck Shun is an inspiration to all of us with her determination to keep getting up and going, going,

“I love listening to Anna Wreck Shun talk about derby! She has incredible drive and is always in great
spirits. I know that she is working towards several goals and each practice she’s getting closer and closer.”

“Anna Wreck Shun – she is rad. Doesn’t give up and always works hard. Played in her first bout and kicked some ass!”

“Anna Wreck Shun is always determined and positive. She works so hard and encourages others. Fantastic
attitude and focus!”

Awards: 2012 April Skater of the month, 2012 Best Bruise, 2012 Beauties Best Attitude, 2012 Beauties Coaches Award, 2012 Timex Presidental Award, 2013 Beauties Fan Favorite, 2013 Oops I did it again Presidental Award