Height: 5’8”

Favorite Position: I love them all!! P, B and J (Pivot, Blocker and Jammer)

Significance of Name/Number: I love when people look at me and think she is not going to be any trouble they soon come to realize how fitting my name is and my last name is the name that my family gave me…literally. My number is a long story from back in the days I won’t bore you with the details only few special people will ever truly know.

Likes: Glitter, Sparkle, Smiles, and people that strive for greatness in no matter what stands in their way.

Dislikes: Gloom, Misery, Self Doubt, Negativity, and Frowns

Hometown: Somewhere in the Pacific where a tropical breeze spreads glitter throughout the island to keep all happy

Occupation: by day customer service team lead(see I am still trying to make people happy)

Favorite After-Party Beverage: I would have to say the Gummy Bear from the Starlight. Or anything tropical. Yummy

Major Injuries: none yet (knocking on wood, don’t want to jinx myself)

Derby Birthday: I would say that somewhere around Oct 2010 is when I realized that Roller Derby could help me complete my life goal.

BIO: From an island of Glitter and Sparkle somewhere in the Pacific came about this Roller Derby Amazon. She was raised to spread the happiness and love of her island which she does by spreading a special glitter around the world one person at a time. Some say she is like a tough modern day Tinkerbell. The way she does this in derby? She adorns her families war paint and straps on her roller skates of mass happiness and tries to hit everyone on the opposing team with whatever it takes to get that glitter to stick to the other players. Sometimes it will be a soft bump and sometimes it is a hit that sends a girl flying it all depends on what she sees when she looks in your soul. You will see her at the beginning of her bouts skating around checking out her opponents and looking very serious, at this time she is looking deep in the heart and soul of each and every one the players and deciding exactly what it is going to take to accomplish her mission. So if you do not want to go flying when you play against her try to do whatever it takes to make yourself truly happy before you come to the bout and do not show any ounce of self doubt(which is truly hard when you see her out on the track).

SOTM – Quotes from fellow league mates:

“Trouble is always positive, helping others. She always has a good attitude and a positive outlook! She’s a force to be reckoned with on the track. You can put her anywhere on the track and she will excel in whatever position she’s in!”

“Trouble has the sweetest attitude but the hardest hits! One of the best skaters Rodeo City Rollergirls has!!!”

“Trouble has been an integral part of our league, always there working, skating, encouraging, and helping make RCR so great! Sometimes the quiet ones get overlooked and I would like to see her get some recognition.”

“Trouble is so supportive of our skaters! She seems to always recognize when someone is feeling low and has the right encouragement to offer to bring them back up! She is so kind. She is also a very talented and hardworking skater, I am proud to have her on our team!”

“Trouble always has the best attitude. She skates for everyone but herself and is a bad ass while doing it. She always makes me smile and want to be a better person not just a better skater”

Awards: 2011 Most Inspirational, 2012 June Skater of the month, 2012 Sweetest Rollergirl, 2012 Posse Best Pivot, 2012 Fan Favorite, 2012 Triple Threat Presidential Award, 2013 Best Boutfit/Face Paint, 2013 Most Inspirational, 2013 Posse Best Attitude, 2013 Champagne Award Presidential Award