Rodeo City Rollergirls was established in the middle 2010. This list does not represent all of the wonderful skaters who have been with our league since then and who are no longer with us. This site was established in the middle of 2012, so the list starts there.

We love, appreciate, & miss all of the skaters who helped build this league into what it is today! XOXO!

Beauties our B Team 2012 – 2014

Ada Zee
Anna Wreck Shun
Candy Crunch
Darwinian Fury
Four Loco Ono
Fraulein von Hammers Her Mark
Ima Bi Polar Roll-Her
Irish Death
Ke$ha N. MaBreath
Littlebit Moor
Mama Hellion
Mimi Lookamie
Ram a Lot
Sedusa Minor
Switchblade Sage
Trajickly Malishus

The Posse our A Team 2011 – 2014

Ariel Pain
The Baroness
Critical Erin
Golden Mean Libertine
Kel-See YaLater
Mad Mina
Rosie Bulldozie
Runaround Sue
SCARlett revolvHER
Scorned Rose
Shirley Whackaho
Sin Gria
Slice Krispy

Rodeo City Rollergirls our One team 2015 – present

Alabama Slamber
Daryl Vixen
Doris MakeMyDay
Lady Colt
Lucy Ball Buster
Ginger Smack
Hang’em Heidi
Kippered Smacks
Lightning McQueenie
Moor Mayhem
Recipe For Disaster
McKenna Ruckus
Not Gonna Stoppie
Ricki Bobby
Splitz N Giggles
Slaybretooth Tiger
Trouble EnparaDDDz
Warpaint Wendi
Velvet Crush