We’d like to thank the Snake Pit Derby Dames Diamondback Dolls and the Rainier Roller Girls B team for travelling to Ellensburg to play with us! The original team scheduled to bout our Beauties cancelled on us a week prior to the bout. We reached out for a fill in team and received so many wonderful responses of leagues willing to help us in a pinch. Thank you to everyone who offered to help out. Rainier Roller Girls brought us a B team to bout and boy was it was an exciting game! The final score for Bout #1 was Diamondback Dolls 159 to The Posse 151. The final score for Bout #2 was Rainier 194 to Beauties 121. The Diamondback Dolls voted Runaround Sue as The Posse’s MVP! Rainier voted Yo-Yo Mauler as the Beauties MVP! As always, thank you volunteers and fans for coming out and making it such a good time! Let’s do it again next month!

RCR photographer Bryan Clark snapped a few pics of Bout #1 and Bout #2

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RCR hosts SPDD Diamondback Dolls & RRG B team – May 11th