Rodeo City Rollergirls – 2016
July 17, 2016

Check out this amazing video about the Rodeo City Rollergirls, created by Rebekah Gehrke & Izzy Yastrum! A little insight into our league and Roller Derby. Thank you so much, we love it! If you love it too, Join Us!

Rodeo City Rollergirls VS Skagit Valley Roller Derby – May 7th
May 19, 2016

Thank you Skagit Valley Roller Derby for heading out to the ‘Burg to have some good fun on skates with us! We had a great time and hope everyone involved did as well. We really couldn’t do this without our fans and volunteers, so THANK YOU!

Final score: RCR 225, SVRD 91.

We are taking the summer off for some rest but we will continue to have practices so please if you are thinking of joining us, DO IT! Here is a bit more information -> Join Us!

RCR photographer Bryan Clark got some fun photos of the event! We appreciate them so much!

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Rodeo City’s next home bout – May 7th
April 20, 2016

Make plans to come to our next home bout, it’s a double header, so two derby bouts(games) for the price of one! Plus, it’s our last one for this season! Our next bout is our annual Halloween bout in October.

First up is our Rodeo City Junior Rollers VS Seattle Derby Brats Ultra Violets at 5pm, the second bout, which should start around 6:30pm is our Rodeo City Rollergirls VS Skagit Valley Roller Derby!

Make plans to bring someone! Make plans to bring yourself and rock it solo! Make plans to come watch roller derby for the first time! Make plans to have some fun on a Saturday eve in the Burg!

When: May 7, 2016 at 5:00pm
Where: Ellensburg High School, 1203 E Capitol Ave., Ellensburg

For more details or if you have questions check our our facebook event page:

Tickets only $5 at the door or online here -> Get Tickets!

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Roller Derby Demo Day! – April 10th
April 4, 2016

Rodeo City Rollergirls host a Roller Derby Demo Day! Stop by and observe one of our practices!

Curious about today’s Roller Derby? Want to get some amazing cross-training in and become a skater? Have a kiddo ages 10-17 who needs a confidence boost or experience being part of a team? Want to wear cool zebra stripes and become a referee? Wondering if you can keep it low key and still participate off skates? We have a place for you too as a volunteer during events or a Non-Skating Official during bouts!

When: April 10, 10:00am – 12:00pm
Where: Ellensburg High School (Auxiliary Gym), 1203 E Capitol Ave., Ellensburg

Can’t Wait?! Can’t Make it?! If you have any questions, or want to get involved now, check out this page for more info —> Join Us!
Starting April 3rd our Sunday practices are now open for observation for those interested in getting involved with us as a non-skating official, referee, or skater.

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Rodeo City Rollergirls VS Inland EmPower Derby– April 2nd
April 3, 2016

The Rodeo City Rollergirls would like to thank the Inland EmPower Derby crew for making the trip down to the burg to play with us! This bout was so fun to watch every skater really put it all out there on the track. Thank you fans for coming out to yell for your favorite team or skater!

Final score: RCR 189, ARR 145. Inland EmPower voted Lady Colt as our Jammer MVP & Demolition Dovie as our Blocker MVP! Both were non-stop during the game, great job ladies!

Volunteers thank you for making this event happen, from set up to tear down we couldn’t do this without you! #derbylove

RCR photographer Bryan Clark was with us as always taking these great photos of all the happenings! Thank you Bryan!

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